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Videocon Z30 Price in India, Videocon Z30 Features dual SIM on 2G network

Videocon Z30 Price in India

The 3G enabled smartphone Videocon Z30 price is going to be slightly higher than Rs. 3700 in Indian market. The smartphone is powered with features like dual SIM, GPRS for net access and Bluetooth v4.0 for connectivity which makes it suitable for different category of users. The smartphone is though listed on the official site of the company but it will be available for buying only in coming period. Videocon Z30 is latest smartphone which is suitable for both personal and professional assignment. Its price is comparable with Videocon Z40 Pro price also.

Despite being available at low price, Videocon Z30 has been equipped with latest version of Bluetooth V4.0 which is seen only in very few smartphone in this price range. This version will offer one of the fastest speed of data transfer between two devices and hence will save precious time. Videocon Z30 with this will be quite suitable for users who need good efficiency while working on different assignments. When there is lot of work pressure, many professionals will find it quite useful. users can also check Videocon price in India for other models.

The smartphone also comes with 3G connectivity which will allow users to enjoy much better mobile services. Since 3G services are available through out India, people will have best user experience on this network. Videocon Z30 will allow its users to download files from net at very fast speed. Also it has VGA camera at the front end for video chatting and hence users will be able to connect with their friends and family members. This will also be quite useful for video chat on social network like Facebook and Gtalk etc.

Also Videocon Z30 has been provided with dual SIM with dual stand by option. Since it has both 2G as well as 3G network services, users will be able to make best use of them. Since the plans in 2G are very cheap for calling and messasing, it makes sense to have one SIM card of 2G network. Professionals who need fast speed net will need one 3G network SIM which they can use as and when needed. The smartphone in this way will serve both personal and professional needs of its users in India quite efficiently. Its price can also be compared with Videocon X30 Pro price and Videocon Vstyle Flip price in Indian market.