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Videocon A54 Price in India, Videocon A54 features 4GB of internal memory

Videocon A54 Price in India

Videocon A54 Price in India

High quality feature rich smartphone like Videocon A54 are norm of the day in Indian market. Videocon A54 has been launched at very reasonable price but when it comes to features users will find some of the best in the market. Videocon A54 price and features like 4GB of internal memory and 1GB RAM makes it one of the best mid price range smartphone in Indian market. When users will look at Videocon smartphone price for various models, the smartphone Videocon A54 will definitely turn out to be one of the best.

Videocon A54 has plenty of features in their advanced form which also makes this smartphone competitive even in Indian market. Videocon A54 mobile price in India right now is Rs. 9,690 which is almost 15-20% lower than its launch price. Even if you are planning to buy from retail stores, you can expect to get Videocon A54 at price of Rs. 10-10.5 range only.

Videocon A54 comes with 4GB of internal memory which may be common now a day but at the time of launch of this smartphone it was quite impressive. Not only it provides enough space to store all type of files like movies, songs, games etc., users can also enjoy unlimited space for storing call records, SMSs and even MMSs. This is highly important for users especially in professional categories who want to store long call records.

Videocon A54 features have 1GB of RAM which is available only in high quality smartphone in Indian market. Though in normal applications, users will not be able to see the actual benefit of this RAM but when you are watching videos and downloading files from internet, this high quality RAM will surprise you with its performance capability. Videocon A54 also has high quality processor which will further add to better productivity while working with this smartphone. Also read more on Videocon VT85C price and http://www.price4india.co.in/.