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Videocon A23 price in India, Videocon A23 with 3G connectivity

Videocon A23 price

The competition in the Indian market is so high that even in low price segment, there are plenty of smartphone from various brands. Videocon A23 smartphone is latest to hit this segment which will further intensify the competition. Videocon A23 price in India even during the initial period of launch is going to be around Rs. 4K which will ensure it is quite appealing to its end users. Videocon A23 price in India is much in line with pricing strategy of the company for its entry level smartphone which were launched in recent times.

The company has well positioned itself both in tablet and smartphone in Indian market especially in the entry level segment and Videocon A23 will further strengthen that position. Not only it has been set in very reasonable price limit but also comes with very promising features for its potential users. Videocon A23 has been powered with dual SIM with dual stand by option. Also it has 3G connectivity which will ensure users will be able to enjoy much better voice services on this smartphone.

Videocon A23 smartphone with dual SIM option will allow its users to get best services from 2G as well as 3G network at the same time. In Indian market, 3G services are considered for next generation quality level both in terms of quality and efficiency, Videocon A23 will enable it users to download app, various files and surf internet at much better pace. This will ensure they are able to maintain high level of productivity which is must for most of the users in Indian market.

Videocon A23 mobile price in low level is also quite appealing to users who loves to play games from various sources. The smartphone has been provided with plenty of free games which are light and very user friendly. Even the first time users can play them at the time of their choice. Videocon A23 smartphone also comes with free access to Google play store which has plenty of free games even from latest and popular themes. Since it has strong processor of 1GHz dual core, users will be able to play the games of various genre with great efficiency.

After analyzing the performance of Videocon A23 for its end users, one will also find the price of this smartphone quite reasonable and justified.