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Nokia 105 price in India, Nokia 105 Features for entertainment

Nokia 105 price in India

Set to compete in low price segment, Nokia 105 price in India is respectable for a new phone and is available for RS5000 to RS6000 when it is released, which should be soon. Buying from such a reputable and long established company, you know you are buying nothing but quality and the Nokia 105 is one of the latest products coming from a world renowned manufacturer. Their phones have been engineered using years of industry secrets and fine tuning.

Nokia 105 price makes up for the lack of features in this phone, this definitely means the phone is worth owning, and a complete bargain. It is light and compact with a splash-proof keypad. The Nokia 105 also has the ability to receive FM radio so you can listen to music when out and about. The display is 3.68cm making it easy to view your SMS messages.

Nokia 105 specification shows it is a simplistic phone. It is not designed to be a phone that can manage your life like other top range phones, but it is designed to be a cost effective tool for managing your phone calls and texts. Nokia 105 is a phone designed to function as a phone, unlike its android counterparts. It is a sturdy and trustworthy phone and fits easily into your pocket.

Nokia 105 specification doesn’t have any of the gimmicks often found on alternative Nokia’s like a camera or Bluetooth but it is a reliable phone for everyday tasks, like texting or even listening to the radio. The Nokia 105 has a talk time of 12.5 hours and standby time of 842 hours, so it will last a considerable amount of time when not being used. It runs on a 2G network with 900 and 1800 GSM. Also read on Nokia price in India for latest smartphone.