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Micromax Funbook P280 price, Micromax Funbook P280 tab low quality camera

Micromax Funbook P280 price in India

When it comes to voice calling in low price tablet, Micromax Funbook P280 is simply one that will come to the mind of Indian consumers. Micromax Funbook P280 price right now is almost lower by Rs. 500 from its original price which is quite significant given the fact that its base price is only Rs. 4650. In the coming period also, Micromax Funbook P280 price will come down and users can expect it in the range of less than Rs. 4K also. Apart from good affordability, Micromax Funbook P280 also comes with good specifications like O.3MP camera for photography, 2,400 mAh battery and design in bar form.

The time has changed and increasing competition has made the companies to bring good quality specifications even in low cost tablets like Micromax Funbook P280 which is eventually good for Indian consumers. This can be checked in Micromax price in India for various tablet along with their features. When it comes to photography, the tablet has been powered with 0.3MP rear end camera which will hardly be used by the end users. Micromax Funbook P280 does not have secondary camera and hence for users who loves video chatting on smartphone and tablets, than this tablet may not be meant for you.

There is growing demand for high quality entertainment options users need on their tablets and Micromax Funbook P280 stands quite well on that. Like any other gadget, it has been provided with the FM radio which also has song recording option. Micromax Funbook P280 users can set in FM radio of their choice based on the availability of frequency in their city. The tablet also comes with audio and video player which can be used to play the stored files based on the availability of free time.

Micromax Funbook P280 price in India in this way is not only low but also quite justified for its end users in India. Even the first time buyers can think of having this tab for various basic applications. Micromax Funbook P280 also comes with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS which is not the latest version but still quite satisfactory given the fact it is just low cost tablet. Also users can install Android app of their choice for free on this tab and enhance the usability of this tablet.