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Micromax X337 Price, Smartphone Micromax X337 features black color model

Micromax X337 Price

Now in Indian market, low price smartphone like Micromax X337 are being powered with touch screen which is indication of growing competition in market. Micromax X337 has been listed at the official site of the company for last few days is finally available in the market. Micromax X337 price has been set at Rs. 2350 which is simply meant for entry level users in India. Also the high quality features of Micromax X337 like FM radio for listening to songs, M!Live for entertainment and design in attractive black color.

Micromax X337 price at low level makes it quite competitive smartphone in the segment. Like any other low cost smartphone, Micromax X337 has all the basic avenues for entertainment which users can enjoy as per their taste. The smartphone comes with M!Live apps which is managed by the company to provide latest songs and movies to its end users. Micromax X337 also has pre installed games which users can play in their free time. Most of these games are very easy to play and users can also install new games if they have got access to them.

Micromax X337 despite being a entry level smartphone has been designed in attractive black color model. In terms of appearance, this handset looks in the category of mid range which is good for potential users of this smartphone and will add to growing demand for this smartphone. Micromax X337 is very light in weight also and hence users can carry it comfortably anywhere. This will make it suitable for young consumers who need very portable handset.

Micromax X337 price in India and screen quality are the two most appealing aspects. However users will have to deal with some of the drawbacks also in this smartphone. The first and foremost which will be encountered by the users will be quality of battery. Micromax X337 is not meant for users who are looking for marathon battery for long hours of talking. Even on 2G network services, in a full charged battery, users will be able to talk only up to 3 hours only. This is not up to the mark especially when you compare it with smartphone battery in similar price range.