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Lava ARC 22 Beats Price in India

Lava ARC 22 Beats Price in India

This has been possible only due to high competition even in the low price segment that Indian consumers are getting quite good models at very reasonable price. Launched just few days back, Lava ARC 22 Beats price in India has been set at Rs. 1,429. At this price level even students in schools and colleges can afford this mobile in India. Not only price is kept low to ensure good affordability, it comes with very exciting features also which will ensure high usability for different functions. The new model is good for calling, messasing and also for entertainment related applications.

Even the low price category users want to have good quality images and video recording and hence Lava ARC 22 Beats has been provided with 1.3MP main camera. Also it has flash support which will ensure good quality video recording even in low light condition. However the primary camera does not have auto focus and users need to do all setting themselves. Lava ARC 22 Beats also does not have front end camera and hence not suitable for users who need video chatting. Still with such a low price and 1.3MP camera at rear end, Lava ARC 22 Beats is quite appealing model.

The new model Lava ARC 22 Beats comes with 2.4 inch screen which is quite suitable for texting and calling functions. Also the small images and short videos can be seen on this very comfrotably. This will be further enhanced with 262K color support which is normally not seen in low price handset in India. Lava ARC 22 Beats has very sleek design and light weight which will ensure users can work very efficiently even when they are walking on the street. Lava ARC 22 Beats also has low SAR value which will ensure even health conscious users will find it appealing.

There are certain limitations also associated with Lava ARC 22 Beats mobile in India. Now a days there is trend for mobiles with marathon battery to ensure long hours of working. Lava ARC 22 Beats comes with 1150 mAh battery which provides talk time support of just 3 hours. While using this phone on dual SIM, the battery will last even less than this duration. In this way, Lava ARC 22 Beats is not suitable for users who stay in low electricity areas. If you wish to play songs, than only 5-6 hours is maximum duration before the battery will get dried up.