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iTunes Store to unwrap The Beatles catalog for download, trasfer to iPhone

Apple iTunes has managed to crack the code of getting the chance to sell tracks from the greatest band ever The Beatles. The Beatles is the brand name which even after ages will gain popularity and all credit goes to Apple iTunes Store tie up with the EMI label. A common person between the Apple executive and the EMI had revealed that the deal was finalized last week. Apple is all geared up to disclose The Beatle catalog soon.

The release of these iTunes has already thrilled the fans of The Beatles. These fans will have the full authority to download the digital tracks with the Help of iTunes and later transfer them to iPhone, iPods and even iPads.

At the end of last year we saw Apple and EMI hard 0020 had partnered to release the limited edition of Apple-shaped USB drivers to carry the song of The Beatles. During that time Apple did not disclose the price of the product. After the discloser by Apple of the above mentioned product it was found out that the product was pried at a very high rate.

Apple has had three decades of lawsuite with EMI but has always managed to solve every problem when there is a new deal to be signed by the duo. The Beatles is the most famous band and has spread it music all over the world so with the help of technology the music can even be heard and found at just your desk top by opening the iTunes Store option where you can go and listen to the trial version of the song so as to hear if that is the correct song after search.

Apple recently increased its time limit on the trail version of the song which can be heard before buying the product. So with the increase in time and the best band (The Beatle) performing in your PC or Laptop you can have the liberty to enjoy and be thrilled about the Apple iTunes surprise to their consumer. Just lick on the iTunes button, listen to the song and Buy!


iTunes Store to unwrap The Beatles
itunes should be a blast
Posted by sm
iTunes Store to unwrap The Beatles catalog for download, trasfer to iP
i m dying to see it happening, i am a die-hard fan
Posted by Arps