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iProf personal education tablet in India for self study at price Rs. 14900

iProf personal education tablet price in India

With the improvement in technology better and innovative ways have come into being in various aspects of life, even in education. The traditional methods of class room studies based on text books may soon be replaced by more effective multiple formats study material as introduced by iProf.

India’s first personal education tablet, iProf is here to revolutionize learning which includes audio-video lectures, animations, solutions, performance analysis, structured tests and more. iProf is launched by iProf Learning Solutions India at a price of Rs. 14,900.

In iProf personal education tablet, the audio-video lectures enables the learners retain the concepts faster and more effectively. According to research, this method improves the retention of concepts by 25% and also helps in reducing the learning time by 40-60%.

iProf is the best way to learn faster and better as it channelizes your attention and helps to give complete focus by making use of sound and light. Its audio-video lectures lay a deeper impact on the mind and help you memorize the concepts more easily.

iProf is the first personal educational tablet of its kind in India. It is designed keeping in mind the study needs of Gen-Y. It is a slim device and weighs 800 gms. The device is equipped with 8GB memory and has a 7 inch touch screen and aims to remove the burden of heavy books by its digitized way of studying. It is portable and you can easily flip through pages of the comprehensive reading material.

Apart from the superior technology, iProf also boasts of excellent content as it has tie-ups with premier education providers such as, Brilliant Tutorials for JEE in India. It also comes with an assessment facility where you can test your speed, identify the areas that need improvement and check your results instantly without waiting for weeks.

This helps in timely solutions to your problems so that you can start working on your weaknesses at the earliest. iProf helps you to attempt unlimited practice tests to increases your speed. It also enables you to create your own exercises and customize your own tests with interesting brain teasers and brain gym exercises.

If you are interested you can buy the device from the iProf iStudy Zones and download latest course material, get updates, get your doubts cleared through video conferencing and also interact with top faculty members.

The current iProf iStudy Zones locations are DELHI and KOTA