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iProf, India's First Personal Education Tablet at price Rs. 14,990

iProf price in India

Introducing India’s, oops, world’s first personal education tablet that is here to revolutionize the way students prepare for entrance tests. Introducing iProf! Who had thought that one day piles of books and hours of lectures and thousands of test papers will be bunched together in just one small, portable device that will change it all forever?

With a 7-inch touch screen tablet, iProf has built-in, high quality operating system Android (from Google) and a Learning Management System installed on it.

iProf is available at iStudy Zones located in various cities across India. iStudy Zones are enablers of the e-learning delivery mechanism via iProf. With high performance servers, high speed broadband and Wi-Fi capabilities, iStudy Zones will let students download content on iProf in a secure environment. Besides, iStudy Zones will also hold video conference for doubt clearing sessions between faculty and students.

Launched in the IIT-JEE preparation category and bundled with content from Brilliant Tutorials, it has been reasonably priced at INR.14900/- (content packaged tablet, exclusive of taxes) in the initial phase.

You may not have been waiting for it but the impact that it is going to create will surely make you follow it zealously.


hi..so it means that i can learn any subject & practice test paper wherever i am?
Posted by subhadeep
hi...so dos that mean...i can dnload and carry it with me and practise tests wherever I am?
Posted by Rajesh