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iPhone user very satisfied with 77percent vote, Motorola's 71percent at 2nd

The undisputed supremacy of Apple’s iPhone was proved one more time when a survey from ChangeWave concluded that iPhone is still ‘the most satisfying’ device. The survey that was conducted to rate the overall consumer satisfaction regarding smartphones bought good news for iPhone producer Apple Inc. and the timing is just perfect.

The approaching holiday season is deemed the most significant season for wireless devices and for producers like Apple such a survey is a guarantee of booming sales.

ChangeWave surveyed 1,212 customers and found that 77% of customers who had brought an iPhone in the last 6 months were ‘very satisfied’ with the overall device enjoyment.

Motorola was close second with 71% of satisfied customers to be followed by 44% RIM users who said that they were very satisfied with their smartphones. More good news for Apple was that 34% of the surveyed customers said that they would have opted to buy an iPhone if it was available on their choice of carrier.

The survey by ChangeWave also went into the detail of the most preferred model of the respective smartphone categories selected by the surveyed customers. When asked about the iPhone, it was found that the 32GB and 16GB models of iPhone 3G had 81%and 77% satisfied customers respectively.

Whereas for iPhone 4, those satisfied with 16GB were 78% while those satisfied with 32GB were 84%. Similar model wise survey was conducted for BlackBerry smartphones and 64% of surveyed customer voted for recently launched BlackBerry Torch while 48% were satisfied with BlackBerry Bold. BlackBerry Curve had 40% satisfied customers.

The September ChangeWave survey also indicated the results of war between Android OS and Apple iOS. The survey conducted a poll for 4,000 customers and found that Android OS is fast becoming everyone’s favorite smartphone OS. Google Android had 37% customers who indicated their preference for Android based phone as against Apple iOS’s close 38%. So can we predict Apple has real competition with the OS platform than from smartphone manufacturers or Android is the future of all smartphones?

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