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iPhone may have Bing as default search engine, Bing to challenge Google

In a breakthrough Apple has challenged Google web domination by making Bing default search engine on iPhone. Rivalry between Apple and Google has taken a new turn, which could be substantial for innovation  in competitive mobile technology. Now market experts are assess this credible step if its going to make any difference or not?

Reportedly, Apple tied-up with Bing powered by Microsoft, to set Bing as default search engine on new 4G enabled Apple iPhone handset. Prior to this tie-up, Google recently launched advance Android 2.2 version which is five times faster than earlier version. Android 2.2 operating system is unveiled to destabilize Apple iPhone.

Market is looking positive to Google for Android 2.2 operating system, and more recently HTC has collaborated with Google to manufacture Android 2.2 compatible operating system mobile devices. Motorola and Nexus One is also lining up to acquire rights from Google to launch Android 2.2 version operating system on their handsets.

Apple and Microsoft partnership has came up because of the stiff competition they are facing from Google. Microsoft against Google domination on web technology, launched new Office 2010 recently to allow user to access documentation for cloud computing technology.

In simple words, new Office 2010 enables user to access office word, excel, powerpoint and outlook to directly link with Internet so user could allow other users to view, create and edit documents and presentations simultaneously. Though features and added value in this new Office 2010 is better, but however, this new Office 2010 comes with a price tag. On the other hand Google Doc online is free of cost and capable of similar documentation and presentation features as available in new Office 2010.

Now, Apple has reverted strongly, with allowing Bing as default search engine on iPhone, which is ruling the world of mobile technology as number one mobile handset in the world. This could be huge setback to Google which is presently default search engine on iPhone.

At the end of the day, this is just a speculation however, no official confirmation has came up from any of the side. Nevertheless, Apple could be planning to declare it official on June 7 on their world conference with mobile developers.