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iPhone finally gets Google Voice app in the US only, will not work on iPad

Apple iPhone finally give its nod to the Google Voice app and the software is once again available from Apple App Store for download. But this time Google Voice will only be available in the US and unlike other iPhone apps, it will not work on the iPad.

Apple had earlier rejected the iPhone app this summer apparently to protect AT&T’s lock on iPhone users. This step by Apple drew controversy as the technology giant is well known for its control freak tendencies. Analysts felt that it is high time that Apple breaks its iPhone applications monopoly and considered the rejection of Google Voice as ‘too much’.

Google Voice is already available as a free mobile app for Android and BlackBerry handsets. It is a next generation telephone management system that enables the users to share a single number among all their mobile phones. Mobile users consider the app as a life changer as it also provides SMS, voicemail, and speech-to-text conversation of incoming voicemail messages. The app also provides access to Google Voice features which includes the ability to make a call appear to be coming from the Google Voice number of the user.

Apple invited howls of protest for itself by rejecting the Voice app and critics accused Apple of spiking the app only to safeguard the profit interests of iPhone’s sole carrier AT&T. But this fall Apple changed its mind and granted approval of third party app that worked for Google Voice. This is seen as an extension of Apple’s policy to recently loosen up many of the apps on the iTunes App Store that had drawn frustration from a number of developers.

Google Voice app features that users love include cheaper rates for international calls, free text messages to domestic phone, display of Google voice number on caller ID and transcription of voice mail messages.

A few additional features also come with the new app by the search giant including a push notification for instant alerts that users have received a voice mail or text message and call placement through Direct Access Numbers. Also they can be connected as swiftly as normal phone calls. Until Apple gave its nod for the Voice app, iPhone users had to use a web app released by Google earlier this year.


iPhone finally gets Google Voice app in the US only, will not work on
The newz it great i was bit concerned though for ipad and iPhone users. app is wonderfull
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