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iPhone Ugly Meter app worked correctly for Angelina Jolie but not Brad Pitt

Since its launch, iPhone has been offering various applications to make its users more interactive on the gadget. iPhone Ugly meter has given contradictory for hot couple in Hollywood. The app has given 2/10 for Angelina Jolie where her partner got his looks reading towards 10.

The meter gives 1 for best looking and 10 for worst looking. Interestingly, Brad Pitt stood worse than British Prime Minister David Cameron. It’s good news for fans of Angelina Jolie but not for Brad or people who love to see them as couple.

Since launch, the new iPhone has given inconsistent results with the reality of many celebrities. Angelina Jolie was one exception to this. It also showed a message after displaying the result. For Angelina Jolie it displayed message,"You're so hot you make the sun jealous."

Some of other hot celebrities where it has not been in same line with their real beauty are Cheryl Cole, Christina Hendricks and Dannii Minogue.  Dannii Minogue scored a score of 4.2 and got a message, "You're so ugly, you could make a glass eye cry."

The iPhone apps provide judgment on the looks of the person and also provide pictures from its grid for best results. The application requires 5.5 GB of free space to download. It is becoming more known for its interesting results than accurate results.