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iPhone OS 4 for Multi Gaming Platform, Get Ready for Great Multiplayer Game

iPhone 4G with iPhone OS 4 is going to add some serious features to iPhone. And some of them you would have never imagined! Yes, iPhone 4.0 operating system is going to have a multi gaming center. Yes just like xbox live! So you would be playing online and social networking games on your iPhone 4G very soon.

Recently apple unveiled about its new multi gaming center which will allow its user to invite friends for a multiplayer game. Not just a multiplayer game, Apple is going to include so much to make this iPhone 4G as best mobile gaming platform.

iPhone 4G gaming, so how exactly the package is going to look like? As you all know multiplayer games can be played with friends who are far away from us through some gaming platform. Most of us do that on our PCs playing online multiplayer games with online buddies and friends. If you are serious gamer, you pretty well know Xbox live and playing multiplayer games through IP. So now imagine you competing for a social networking game live on your iPhone with your friend! This is what iPhone is going to get you this summer, a lot of fun!

iPhone 4G gaming system is going to be more dynamic and full of features unlike the older version. You still have your games on your iPhone, but nothing is going to be like gaming on iPhone 4. The updated iPhone gaming is said to have a global leader. So the gaming has just taken to the highest level. Play, compete, track your progress and show off your gaming skills at global leader board.

Though iPhone gaming platform cannot be technically compared to Xbox live, iPhone is surely going to increase its market share in gaming arena. iPhone 4G, a good update though, the iPhone 4th generation is going to have an updated gaming center too!

It even surprised many biggies of gaming industry, the surprising gaming center update even made their competitors alert. “"Everyone felt that at some point Apple would take some of the core networking services in-house, but I don't think most people expected the company to come out with the OS 4.0 update. Certainly the likes of Openfeint and Scoreloop probably felt that they would be bought, and that they would form the core of the social services, so to speak,” said a ex-EA sports executive.

So the bottom-line is, Apple is going to bring you loads of addictive multiplayer and social networking games! Just make time for you to play with your new 2010 iPhone 4G! Wait for couple more months and you can see all this in live!