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iPhone OS 4 at WWDC 2010: What's in store for iPhone in 5 technology tracks

Apple 5 days long annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) June 7 through June 11 will be held on San Francisco’s Moscone West. This will be 3rd time Apple iPhone OS 4 will be available for direct assessment.

First time, it was on April 8 when Apple provided developers preview of iPhone 4G. Than it was Gizmodo incident where complete details of Apple iPhone OS 4 prototype were analyzed and posted with videos and images on Gizmodo website. And now its annual WWDC when developer will get to chance to work on iPhone OS 4 application along with Apple engineering who are working on iPhone 4G.

Interesting it will be time to verify if the claims made by Gizmodo about iPhone prototype are really true.

Industry experts believes that Apple may use WWDC platform to announce the launch of iPhone OS 4. It is expected the launch can be with the inset of summers also. Especially after prototype leak incident, it is most appropriate for Apple to launch sooner than later to ripe on the hype created around iPhone 0S 4.

Apple has announced five technology tracks during the WWDC 2010 i.e. Application Frameworks, Internet & Web, Graphics & Media, Developer Tools and Core OS. The summary of iPhone OS 4 related topics in 5 tracks are as follows:

  • Application Frameworks: What’s New in Foundation for iPhone OS 4, Using Core Location in iPhone OS 4
  • Internet & Web: Adding Touch and Gesture Detection to Webpages on iPhone OS
  • Graphics & Media: OpenGL ES Overview for iPhone OS; Game Design and Development for iPhone OS
  • Developer Tools: Working Effectively with Objective-C® on iPhone OS, Adopting Multitasking on iPhone OS
  • Core OS: Network Apps for iPhone OS, Developing Apps that Work with iPhone OS Accessories