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iPhone OS 4: Multitasking and other New features in this operating system

Apple iOS 4 is already making news amongst the gadget owners of the world, and the new features of the iOS 4 really seem revolutionary. The new features that have been incorporated in the phone are much ahead in technology than those that have been present in any of the previous versions of the iPhone OS’.

The most important among the new ones is the multitasking feature. What was an unchecked box in all the iPhone OS’, has finally been ticked in this version of the OS. Jobs demonstrated the multitasking feature by showing services such as Pandora and navigation running in the background while other apps were also running in the foreground.

In actuality the multitasking that Jobs was talking about was not actual multitasking but the background running option being applied to some of the features of the iPhone namely, background audio, voice over IP, background location, background task finishing. Apart from these there is an advancement that apple counts in multitasking that is the ability to receive alerts from remote servers even when your app is not running.

If you are an iPhone owner (or any smartphone user in that case) you must have been through the inconvenience that is caused by mobile ads which when clicked take you to the web browser which contains details about the product and advertiser, and the user needs to navigate back to his app page to continue or reload the app, if he can’t navigate back.

Apple’s new iAd feature solves this problem by getting the interactive adds delivered to their iPhone rather than navigating to their webpage to see the add therefore the user at no point leaves the app and hence gets to see only the app that he wished and not the ads present in it.

Another facelift that comes with the iOS 4.0 is its ability to organize apps. Yes, if you are a person that downloads a lot of apps for his phone and then because of lack of management then Apple built this one keeping you in mind. On your iOS 4.0, you can now stack up apps relating to same features together and try out different apps whenever you need to access them.

Besides, this there is other features in iOS 4.0 as well, like mail-integration by which one can view all the mails in all the accounts at one place and then there is the support for Bluetooth keyboard with the phone.

The list of new features for the IOS 4.0 seems unending and becomes even more interesting as we go on, seems like Apple has finally got on the right path to give its competitors a run for their money.