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iPhone OS 4.0: New and hidden features of iPhone OS 4.0 that you never knew

For the upcoming iPhone 4G, which is an update for the current Apple iPhone 3Gs, Apple has launched a new operating system OS 4. This new OS 4.0 is a platform for the great features including multitasking. Everyone knows about its great and new function multitasking which can give a new life to iPhone.

The older versions of iPhones do not support multitasking feature. This multitasking gives you the facility to operate more than one application at a time. Therefore using this new operating system, iPhone can be used for checking the emails, browsing internet, and also for sending your friends all at once.

This new iPhone OS 4 is being discussed for its stunning 1000 new features which you did not see in the iPhones before. The OS 4 also offers 7 most important feature and facilities to the users. These features are multitasking, iBooks, folders, unified email box, iAD, enterprise, and game center. These features are not only attractive but also useful for the users as they provide easiness while using. This OS 4.0 is going to change completely the usage environment of the iPhone.

The above said features are well known as these are being described many times but there are still some features of OS 4.0 which were hidden so far. These features are

  • Alphabetic Lock
  • Spell Check
  • 5x Digital Zoom
  • Text Message Character Count
  • Searching in Text Messages (SMS/MMS)
  • Events and Faces
  • Photos
  • Email Archive and many more.

The alphabetic clock is newly introduced clock for iPhone instead of 4 digit clock. Another feature text message Character count is very useful. After 50 characters there a counter appears above the send button. But this feature does not work in Landscape mode. Searching in text facility also enables user to find a certain message of someone. By using the feature Events and Faces you can easily recognize people with faces. The computer finds a face and tells the name.

Other hidden feature email archive and photos are good features and also useful for the users. A different feature 5x digital zoom allows the users to view the photos in larger view. You just have to tap once the screen and a slider comes up. By using this slider you can use zoom facility easily.

Many people have confirmed that in iPhone OS 4, there are also some hidden iChat features and commands. This is a clear sign that they could also use iPhone iChat apps from Apple in future.