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iPhone OS 4, 2010 Apple iPhone 4G gets New iPhone Operating System

iPhone 4G or 2010 iPhone or whatever it is, finally the dream of multi tasking on iPhone is going to come true very soon. Apple announced its new software for updated iPhone 2010. The iPhone software will support multi tasking, which means as an user you can run more than a single program just on your new iPhone 4G just like a computer.

It’s not so long that iPad was released by Apple; the electronic giant came with great news again making this season as ‘Apple’s Season’.

iPhone OS 4! So what exactly is this new iPhone 4G all about? You might wonder how multi tasking can be a solo feature that can top the feature list for iPhone 2010. But Multi tasking got its own importance for a mobile. Generally on our mobiles, we are allowed to a single operation most importantly.

But with multi tasking, you can do many operations at a time. Say you can type your message, and you can keep it somewhere and you can adjust your song list! So again back to texting! Like this, you can make most out of your 2010 iPhone 4G.

iPhone 2010 is going to be a pack of next generation features. iPhone new software supposed to be support over 100 exclusive new features specially designed for Apple iPhone. With the latest iPhone 4G, you can create and save playlists on your iPhone 2010.

Good news for you, as the camera for new iPhone is coming with a 5X digital zoon. iPhone OS 4 supports some great features like spell check. Apple iPhone latest model also lets you send applications as gifts to your friends!

iPhone new operating system was announced by Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs. At an event held at Apple’s head quarters, Steve Jobs unveiled the Apple iPhone 4th generation. He spoke about the new iPhone 4G’s OS 4.O software and explained about the working features of it. He told Apple put great efforts in making iPhone 4.0 to come out best with excellent features and amazing battery life.

iPhone operating system 4.0 is now talk of the gadget world! iPhone 4G 2010 version is now the hot trend replacing Apple iPad. Earlier it is know that, iPad took the world of electronic gadgets by storm with its salient features. It’s now the turn for Apple iPhone to make news, views and hot pre release speculations around electronic groups.


iPhone 4G New Operating System
This iPhone 4G New Operating System is the most wonderful feature a mobile phone could have. Having a computer like feature on your phone is just amazing!
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