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iPhone 4 video calling feature is truly revolutionary move from Apple

FaceTime- the most appreciated and sought-after feature of Apples’ new iPhone 4, and is thought to be revolutionizing the experience of making calls. Revealed on June 7 at WWDC by Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, he did show the delegates at the conference a video featuring this property, and it was quite a touchy one.

Features like dual camera, one at the front, and the other at back, the Apple iPhone 4 can be used to make video calls. The device shall use the Wi-Fi network for this purpose. Thus it does become a necessity that the iPhone must be in the coverage area of a Wi-Fi network.

A video clip was shown at the WWDC revealing the video calling feature of the Apple iPhone 4, and it had quite moved the delegates present there, and was thought to be quite touchy. The clip portrayed a soldier in Afghanistan who is trying to perceive his wife having a sonogram, and being thousands of miles away, seems to have added the effect.

Moreover, the video also showed the phone communication by two deaf friends, who have successfully communicated through their sign language, but would not have otherwise communicate. This did move the delegates to tears, and they applauded it very well. Though, the video-calling feature might have been there in the previous phones much before Apple launched iPhone 4, but the problems of this advantage were also there as poor quality videos, or very bad synchronization between the caller and the person who is receiving the call.

But Apple CEO has rightly pointed out that the iPhone 4 has the ability of making a revolutionary move towards the video calling feature, and mentioning the possibility of a revolutionary video call feature. This is possible due to the larger screen which supports resolution almost four times of the iPhone 3GS, and of course the higher processing power of the device does seem quite a factor.