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iPhone 4 to be launched in India by Vodafone and in UK by 5 mobile players

Apple’s most awaited product in the history, the iPhone 4 has started to make its presence felt in the major gadgets markets all over the world. With more and more cellular service providers offering to distribute the wonder gadget in various parts of the world. The news just keeps pouring in of the various service providers bringing the iPhone 4.

We heard that about the Indian chapter, the device being distributed by leading cellular service provider, Vodafone. In UK the scenario is the same the only difference being it is now five such companies offering to sell the device via their network. The major players in UK are Orange, Three, Vodafone, CO2 and T-mobile.

The pre-order of the iPhone 4 starts on June 24. In India the gadget will be launched by Vodafone but nothing has been specified about the price tag of the device, and the same holds true for other countries too. Apple still is tight –lipped about the pricing of iPhone 4 but our expectation is that it will be priced between Rs.40-45,000.

Now talking about what makes this latest Apple iPhone so special. Apart from the fact that the iPhone 4 runs on iOS 4, the device has many more features unleashed previously by Steve Jobs. He had announced the latest iPhone 4 loaded with 100 odd features including multi taking, the one and only feature iPhone fans have been raving about the world over. Next on the list is its FaceTime video calling. Video calling feature has entered into yet another unexplored dimension by Apple which is the new FaceTime functionality with its front facing camera.

The new iPhone 4 has a flat body. The phone is only 9.3mm thin which is 34%thinner than iPhone 3GS. It also comes with a 5MP camera with LED flash which according to Steve Jobs is the ‘closet kin is a beautiful old Leica camera.’ The iPhone 4 is the thinner, sharper iPhone with HD video recording facility and a 3.5 inch 960 x 640 retina display. This is 4 times as many pixels as the previous ones.

iPhone 4 will be seen in the Indian subcontinent by September 2010.