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iPhone 4 review: glass, LCD retina display, call reception needs correction

iPhone 4 is now on sale and the device sells like hot cakes. The iPhone 4 just disappears off the shelves with more and more Apple fans trying to grab the most talked about gadget as early as possible. Huge queues could be seen outside Apple Store and people even slept outside the stores waiting for the break of the morning and the store to open.

iPhone 4 is the most advanced smartphone till date and the most talked about gadget ever launched by Apple. But among all that mass hysteria that the device managed to create, there are complaints from customers who had their hands on the phone within hours of the purchase.

The first complaint that the device suffered from is its glass. The company claimed it to be 30 times stronger than the one made from plastic. But users have not found it as strong as claimed by Apple and the chemically strengthened gorillas glass managed to get scratches even on a casual drop. This proved that glass was definitely not scratch proof and disappointed many iPhone 4 customers.

Another important area where iPhone 4 users found the device to lag behind was its retina LCD display. Many users complained of yellow bands or dots on screen. The super high-quality retina display screen showed some spots in the corners with thin bands towards the top and bottom of the screen. After many users registered their complaint online to Apple, they have been told to exchange their devices for a new one next week. However, the clarification proposed by Engadget regarding this flaw was the bonding agent that was not evaporated properly from the display due to a rush for the device in the market by Apple.

But the biggest complaint was at the call reception end. Many users found calls beings dropped off due to network problems. The reason is perhaps the way the device was held. When a user held the device in hands it bridges the antennas located on both sides resulting into a break in network stream. Some also suggest that the problem occurred because of the way signal was displayed on the phone rather than an actual reception problem.

Whatever may be the outcome of the complaints registered by iPhone4 users, there is no denying the fact that Apple has successfully launched its super slim and world’s thinnest smartphone. The device is a superlative in engineering, design and style, leaving apart the small glitches, which I am sure, Apple will soon rectify.


superlative design? Hardly
The reception issues are related to the fact that the antennas are bare metal, not insulated in any way from the user's skin. They should have been coated with a clear, non conductive paint or epoxy during manufacturing. They weren't. Poor Design"
Posted by nuna