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iPhone 4 review: Apple raises the bar of smartphone with amazing features,

The launch of iPhone 4, Apple’s most awaited gadget ever became a major event world wide with hundreds and thousands of people flocking in to get their hands on the device. Apple has taken a major leap over its already excellent predecessor, the iPhone 3GS in both hardware and software.

The review of iPhone 4 has both upside ad downside but overall Apple has managed to raise the bar of smartphones and delivers a smartphone that will lead the war in years to come.

The iPhone 4 comes with a redesigned sharp looks, a sleek body and a much sharper screen. A front facing camera, a rear camera with flash, a larger battery and a faster processor is what is has.

Talking about the looks of the iPhone 4, the phone is world’s thinnest smartphone with a screen that is world’s highest resolution screen. The phone has a glass back which is stronger than plastic (30 times). The battery was unexpectedly good and many analysts found it amazing with just a single charge. The voice quality was also found good enough and data performance over Wi-Fi was excellent. Now let us discuss its most talked about feature, multi tasking and Apple finally bought this feature but this feature was limited only to certain apps.

The new operating system on iPhone 4 also allows its users to group them into different folders. The FaceTime feature of the front facing camera though requires a very strong Wi-Fi connection to stay connected. The iPhone 3GS came with a 3.2 MP camera and Apple now introduced a 5 MP camera in iPhone 4 with additional LED Flash and 5 x digital zoom to crystal clear images.

Apple introduced iPhone 4 with iOS4 software which boasts of loads of new features such as enhanced email, iBooks, video calling dubbed FaceTime together with the ones mentioned earlier. Overall the gadget is a huge success, sidetracking the connectivity glitches offered by AT&T and the Wi-Fi functionality with FaceTime feature. The device meets the much created hype and promises to be the most successful launch ever by Apple.