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iPhone 4 rear end metal cover not to affect call quality

Some of the iPhone customers had issues with the glass plate on both rear and front end. However there is good news for all those customers. The solution not only address glass plate issue, it also makes the phone more stylish and attractive.

Recently, beveled metal cover for the rear end has more good news for the iPhone customers. Not only this improves the look of the phone with beveled edges, it improve strength of the gadget. Also it doesn't have impact on the call quality as iPhone doesn't require RF window for calls.

The process of replacing rear glass is quite simple. Just unscrew the buttons and insert the metallic plate. The new look is simply funny yet attractive. The metallic rear cover is available in black and silver colors.

The new metallic panel for iPhone 4 will cost you $12.99. The panel carries the design of original Phone with Apple Logo.

Well if you wish to prevent damage to your iPhone from glass plate or want to make it look better, metallic panel at reasonable cost surely a good option.