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iPhone 4 problem: signal receptor gets covered when used by a left hander

The iPhone 4 has been released on the 24th of this month and as soon as it got released it has landed into trouble. The trouble is with the left handed users using the phones, it has been reported that these users of the iPhone4 are having problems in reception of signal.

It is a notable fact that the iPhone 4 has a metal rim on its border that is capable of receiving the signals from the mobile towers and this is the feature that has reduced the size of the new device to a 24 percent lesser than the previous models. It is in reports that the device starts losing signal and connectivity if held with its lower left hand corner covered.

There have been numerous complaints reporting this problem already and Apple CEO Steve Jobs has even said that- ‘’All phones have sensitive areas” when asked about this problem. He has even added that the company is trying to fix the problem with a software update for the OS. However, as of now the problem seems to be a hardware one and it seems quite puzzling to think that a hardware problem can be solved with a software update.

Meanwhile, If you are a left-hander and planning to buy the new Apple iPhone 4, then think again, many new owners of the must-have mobile have said that it is not that good for left-handed people. The reason being given is that left handers cannot talk on the phone unless they cover the sensitive area in Steve Jobs’ words, because that is the place where a left hander will hold the iPhone 4 to make a call.

Apple is selling a plastic surround for the handset called a Bumper, which protects the edges and the stainless steel strip. It costs 21 dollars. And that too is available in six different colors to improve on the looks of an already amazing looking iPhone 4.

Now, the question that strikes one’s mind here is that whether the bumpers are just for better looks or is there a hidden meaning? Did Apple know from before launch that the phone’s signal will get attenuated if a human hand covers both the lower corners of the iPhone4? Did apple release an incomplete project in a hurry to meet the WWDC deadline? Well the answer is left for you to decide on.


iPhone 4 problem: signal receptor gets covered when used by a left hander ?
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