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iPhone 4 is most trustworthy smartphone while BlackBerry is least, study

Apple’s iPhone 4 is the most trustworthy smartphone, revealed a recent study by Square Trade Research’s analysis. The reliability of this Apple device was tested among 4 smartphone makers and more than 50,000 such devices were scrutinized for the study.

These included devices by Apple, RIM, Motorola and HTC. For the purpose of study SquareTrade used 4months of data of iPhone 4, 12 months of data of BlackBerry and 8 months of data of each of HTC and Motorola.

The study found that iPhone is the most dependable smartphone while Android based smartphones from HTC and Motorola were equally reliable and the data of both the manufacturers were pretty comparable to that of the iPhone 4. The November 2010 study revealed that within 12 months 2.1% of iPhone 4 were ‘projected to have non-accident malfunction.’ However the malfunction of Motorola and HTC were very near at the rates of 2.3% and 3.7% respectively.

The study further revealed that BlackBerry devices are the less dependable ones with 6.3% collapsing within first 12 months. However this included 75% of smartphone that collapsed as a result of accidental damage. Interestingly BlackBerrys had the least risk of accidental damages which was 6.7% while the iPhone 4s were more prone to accidental damage and the rate was 9.4% that means that they are at the highest risk of accidental damage.

In a nutshell the study by SquareTrade revealed that though iPhone 4 is the most reliable device but run a highest risk of accidental damage which makes it not an ideal device for clumsy users.

On the other hand, BlackBerry does not rank very high when it comes to reliability but is definitely the best choice for clumsy mobile users who happen to drop their cell phone more often as the handset has the least risk of accidental damages. So, in a way the research might just come handy for various types of smartphone users and could help them make a choice.


projected reliability?
Is that how studies are conducted to prove a biased point? 4 months of the iPhone, 8 months of Android and 1 year of Blackberry. Of course a phone will be more reliable during 4 months versus 12 months.
Posted by Nick
there u go.....
iphone vs Blackberyy....
Posted by eric
there u go.....
iphone vs Blackberry
Posted by eric
Blackberry issues
Blackberry's Achilles heal is the Charging/Usb port which will eventually short out due to a loose connection. I've returned more than 10 phones due to this issue. Then of course the wireless carrier send a refurbished phone which usually have issues
Posted by Howard