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iPhone 4 having problem in the first week of delivery by Apple to customers

The Apple iPhone 4 which had become quite a craze among the customers and developers, since its announcement at the WWDC, has been finally handed out to the customers, and have successfully reached the stores, as promised by Steve Jobs, Apple CEO.

But at the receipt of the iPhone 4, not one or two, but lots of customers, discovered a major problem with the iPhone 4. On touching the iPhone 4 at the left rim, the signal strength reduces very low, thus resulting in disconnecting of calls, or of internet connectivity.

When Apple had proclaimed about the iPhone 4 aluminum rims, he had declared about it as a novel antenna technology of delivering healthier signal reception strength, and will advantage GSM, UMTS, Bluetooth Wi-Fi and GPS specifications of the handset.

Even for the safety of the surrounding rims of the iPhone 4, the buyer needs to get the Bumpers by paying a sum of $29. Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, responded yet indifferently saying that the users should prevent touching the handset in the way which causes problem. In other words, the user should try to hold the phone in a way so as to preclude the signal strength fall. Jobs plainly responded - "Just avoid holding it in that way", reported CNET.