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iPhone 4 features: A revolutionary FaceTime video calling and its review

 The iPhone 4 from the abode of Apple, has been acknowledged for so many of the latest innovative features included in the handset. The iPhone 4 has been quite a revolution in the mobile industry, and seems to perfectly fit the definition of “innovation mixed with technology”. Features of the iPhone 4 accompanied by innovative good looks, is the reason for the craze of the device.

One of the most intriguing features of the iPhone 4 is the FaceTime. For those who don’t know what is the FaceTime feature all about, it is actually a revolutionary mannerism of making phone calls where the callers can see them on the displays of each other. In technical terms, it is the feature of video calling, a method which people have only dreamed of, but not realized yet!

With the facility of video calling from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 over Wi-Fi incorporated in this trendsetter, the mobile industry seems to have undergone a huge leap towards development. This novel feature of the device is also simple to use, and does not require the setting up of any account, or registering for a screen name. The user should only be required for searching the name to call from the contacts, and then a single tap on the dedicated FaceTime button shall do it.

This is not the end to the story. Both the ends shall get a pop-up invitation on the iPhone 4 display screen, enquiring if either party wants to join the conversation. If accepted at both ends, thus all set for sharing and fun. Also, the FaceTime feature works well in both the landscape and then portrait mode. Quite impressive!

With the availability of the front camera, the feature of video calling has become a piece of cake! The camera is positioned is such a position so as to give enough light required for the clarity of the video call. Also, the focal length is sufficient to focus on your face at arm’s length. Even the user is allowed to switch between the two cameras, from front to back, whenever required.

FaceTime feature is quite impressive and new, and seems to have started a different trend of talking all-together.