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iPhone 4 coming to India, Vodafone plans to launch iPhone 4G in India

iPhone 4G is coming to India. The world’s famous iPhone is going to gets its makeover from the previous version iPhone 3Gs to iPhone 4G soon. Vodafone is planning to launch the much awaited Apple iPhone 4G in India.

After a series of speculations over internet from past few months, finally there is a word of confirmation by Apple recently on the new iPhone 4. iPhone 4 is soon releasing in US, and the wait is still on for Indian Apple iPhone lovers over the launch date.

iPhone 4 is the 4th generation phone in iPhones, and an update to the current version iPhone 3Gs. iPhone 4 is a major update in the iPhone series. Unlike the previous updates, this iPhone 4 got everything new in it. It runs on the newly developed iPhone OS 4. iPhone 4 got some excellent features that we never saw before in an iPhone. iPhone 4 has some cool features like multitasking, video chat and HD screen.

iPhone in India is always costly. Price of iPhone in India is twice, even thrice more than that of actual iPhone price in US. The iPhone 3G costs around Rs. 30,000 in India, whereas the same iPhone 3G costs $99 (approximately Rs. 5,000).

Though there isn’t any official confirmation of price from Vodafone, we can expect the price of iPhone 4 in India be much higher than the previous versions of iPhone. This means, unlike in US where iPhone is for every one; the iPhone 4 will be available in India only for the higher income sections of the society.

iPhone 4 information has been confirmed by Steve Jobs recently. He did mention about the iPhone 4 launching in various countries including UK, Japan and few other European countries. However he didn’t mention about India over the new iPhone 4G in India. Vodafone in its recent press release confirmed bringing iPhone 4 to India. But they didn’t mention any time frame for release or iPhone price in India.

iPhone 3Gs entered India recently. For the liking of Apple, it’s doing good business in India. Some thinktanks of Apple prefers a slight delay in iPhone 4 release in India, as iPhone 3Gs is still new for Indians compared to other countries.

iPhone 4 in India has been confirmed by Vodafone. We just have to wait some more days for the official news on Vodafone iPhone 4 launch date and Vodafone iPhone 4 price in India.