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iPhone 4 catches fire: another grisly problem at the door of Apple

The Apple iPhone 4 is truly a “revolutionary and resolutionary” device, that is what Apple has termed it to be. Accompanied by features as the Retina Display, iMovie app for video editing, scope of multitasking, video calling using Facetime, and so on, the iPhone 4 truly seems remarkable if judged on the basis of features and specifications.

But recently the “revolutionary” iPhone 4 was caught in a controversy, which was about the dropping of signal strength when the user was touching the left rim of the phone, but the problem was not there when the buyer touched the right rim. But this problem was tackled by Apple by revealing the fact that this was not the actual problem, but rather the problem being that they have made use of the wrong formula for calculating the signal strength.

Thus the signal strength which it shows is about two bars more than actual. They had revealed this and said that they shall release an update for the iPhone 4, as well as the iPhone 3GS by using the new formula provided by AT&T, and will fix the problem soon.

But to the dissatisfaction of all the Apple iPhone 4 fans and followers, something unexpected cropped up in the way of the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 while being charged by a computer by connecting the iPhone 4 with it using the USB cable provided, burst into flames and caught fire. This has caused minor damage to the outer covering of the phone, which has slightly melted. The cable is all burnt and ruined. Even the owner of the iPhone 4 has got minor injuries from this incident.

The incident was captured by the Boy Genius Report (BGR), and photos have been revealed by them of the talked about iPhone 4, which have got very well distributed on the web. This does seem to be very disheartening for the Apple fans. The owner who has suffered from this incident, is expecting a replacement of the device from the side of Apple.

The incident has really alarmed the iPhone 4 users all over the world, making them actually believe of the possibility of the incident on their own iPhones. Looks like trouble is not yet over for Apple.