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iPhone 4 antenna problem: cheap and custom made solution with wristband

No one could have imagined, iPhone 4 antenna problem could give space to custom made solution even surprisingly involving rubber wristband. iPhone 4 was one the most awaited high end tech gadget in 2010. However iPhone 4 had antenna problem which reduces the strenth of reception has given unwanted opporunity to many to try out different solutions. Apple is selling rubber case at price $29 which can be rapped around iPhone 4 and solves problem to a larger extent. Apple also advised people to hold in different ways or hold in case to avoid the antenna problem.

iPhone 4 antenna problem similarly can also be solved by simple rubber bands costing as low as $1 OR with waste rubber bands lying  with you. The solution has been reported in unofficial iPhone blog "The iPhone Guru". The process to solve iPhone 4 antenna problem is very simply. Stretch the rubber band and put across your iPhone. To make space for different stereo, mute, etc keys, you can make holes in the rubber band with knife.

Rubber case offered by Apple for iPhone 4 antenna problem is available in 6 colors i.e. blue, pink, white, black, orange and green. However rubber band that you may use at your end can be of any color choice, with design (which will imporve specifications of iPhone 4) with colors and graphics.

iPhone 4 antenna problem has comes as boon for Livestrong site which is using the money for cancer. This site is selling Livestrong bands at price of $1 each. The proceeds are being used to fund activities for fighting against cancer. The site has posted Tweet for its followers and Tweeter for purchasing band to solve iPhone 4 antenna problem. People are more interested to buy the band here as this is quite cheaper and money is being used for a cause.

Lance Armstrong has personally thanked for referring his bands for iPhone 4 antenna problem and has posted a Tweet, "Wow. Cool. http://www.businessweek.com/news/2010-07-01/iphone-users-look-to-livestrong-bands-for-cheaper-fix.html. #whodathunk?."

Apple had sold more than 1.7 million iPhone 4 in just 3 days of its launch. However the iPhone 4 antenna problem has come as big embarrassment for the company. It is not also facing lawsuits on this issue, but also its competitors like Nokia and Motorolla has made mockery of it. It was rumoured that Apple was aware of this and was highlighted in its internal memos even.

Note: image and inputs from http://www.theiphoneguru.net/ and Livestrong site