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iPhone 4 all set to hit Indian shores by September 2010

iPhone 4 is going to enter Indian mobile market in September this year with the help of Vodafone and Airtel in India. Indian smartphone aficionados were eagerly awaiting for the launch of iPhone 4 and the speculations has been confirmed by two major operators, Vodafone and Airtel.

Apple confirmed that iPhone 4 will also be launched in India along with other 88 nations worldwide in September 2010. But iPhone 4 will only be available on tariff plans with Vodafone and Airtel, Indian customers will not be allowed to opt for any other network operator.

In India, Apple has small share in smartphone sector, and moreover, smartphone market in India is not mature and extensive enough to offer multitude of sales. Nevertheless, Indian smartphone market possess huge potential, and high growth rate is a proof to support Indian smartphone market unbounded potentialities. At present, low range mobile market is on the rocks, and witnessing startling growth rate per quarter, whereas high end mobile market is growing at double pace in India.

Nokia, Samsung and LG are big players in Indian mobile market situation but Indian mobile companies in low and mid range mobile markets are fast catching up well established brands. Indian rural mobile market has also been tapped as one of the biggest mobile market potential for mobile companies, and this has provoked them to focus on low range mobile phones in India.

Well coming over to iPhone 4 launch in September, Indian customers response to iPhone 4 could expected to be positive enough to offer good sales. But Samsung India has recently raked in Samsung Galaxy smartphone in India, which is assessed to be one of the best smartphone in world, has not be able to garner better sales despite excellent marketing. Though iPhone 4 is believed to be best smartphone in world not one of the best, and also, Indian luxury market customers believes in Apple brand and iPhone has been their favorite for a while which has garnered decent sales in India.

Keeping aside all the speculations and unconfirmed conclusions, iPhone 4 is definitely be a huge buzz in India despite recent iPhone 4 rumors about network problem and other technical glitches. Indians could expect to purchase iPhone 4 16 GB model at Rs. 35,000 and iPhone 4 32GB model at Rs. 40,000. Vodafone and Airtel have acquired special privilege to sell iPhone 4 in India on their network carrier.


iPhone 4 all set to hit Indian shores by September 2010
iPhone 4 all set to hit Indian shores by September 2010
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