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iPhone 4 a review of the best available apps

The iPhone 4 is released and has finally hit the US markets one does not need to be an fortune teller to predict that the sales of the iPhone and setting up records in the market but what are the features of the device that have made it such a fan favorite in the market. Well besides the enhanced features there is the enhanced app that the iPhone 4 will be supporting.

The iMovie app that the iPhone 4 is boasting is one of the most interesting and is definitely catching the attention of the phone lovers from all over the world. The iMovie is a fun, feature-rich video editing app for iPhone 4. Most people who are addicted to social networking (as most of us are) these days prefer to record some video or some happening and share it easily the iMovie app provides them with the power to do the same. Imagine a situation if the IMovie app was present during the 9/11 attacks how quickly would the world have come to know about the accident (though anyways it was not very late).

The main specialty of this app is that it has been made for touch that is one can do all of the recording related activities like zooming the timeline and deciding the lengths with help of a touch. Moreover the user can give the created video a theme of it’s own like a breaking news can be given the breaking news theme and so on. The movie at hand can be published on the internet the and there a facility not provided with any other camera related apps.

Not only is the iMovie app an amazing one but the games also are interesting the gamers a lot these days besides the inbuilt games the iPhone provides for downloading any number of other games and playing them at will on one’s iPhone. However the inbuilt games are also not bad they include the Rock band which is a rock band simulator using which one can play the instruments of one’s choice and create music to jam anyone in the world. The scrabble is an old board game the virtual imitation of which is now available with the iPhone. The most interesting one is the Harry Potter and its spell casting game.

Moving on we have the apps for students and workers like NASA and iStudiez app and the Oxford American Dictionary these apps makes the lives of students using the iPhone much easier atleast now they can study on their iPhones and not only play.

These are some features that make the iPhone so much different from the other SIMPLE smartphones. So go get your new Apple iPhone 4 now!!


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This article is frankly the worst 'Review of the best available apps' I have ever happened upon. Honestly, the title does not describe the text. That 9/11 reference that you slipped in there is so unbelievably unnecessary that it is almost insulting.
Posted by Mike F