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iPhone 4 First look: Finally reaches to customers with impressive features

Yes, the anticipation has finally ended. The successful launch of the iPhone 4, as promised by Apple, and its delivery to the customers have finally taken place, and it all has created a huge storm over the web. People have finally received their own iPhone 4, and do seem quite contended by this overwhelming device. The Apple iPhone 4 has been quite in talks since its launch, and with its delivery one day ahead of promised date, Apple seems to have strengthened the bond it has with its customers.

The Apple iPhone 4 handset is not just any ordinary phone, and because of its unique appeal and captivating design, it has become the sensation of this era. The device has great features to talk about, like the two cameras it accompanies, one at the front enabling video chat, and the other at the rear, which has the capabilities of being 5 mega-pixel ,and supporting LED Flash, enabling good photography in low-light scenes, also supporting 5 x digital zoom. Also accompanied by the tap to focus feature, the device proves to be quite convenient to use.

The Retina Display, the most unique and sought after feature of the Apple iPhone 4 smartphone, supports four times greater pixel count than the previous iPhone models from Apple. This makes the pixel density too high even for the humans to differentiate between pixels, according to Apple. The packing of 326 pixels per inch is rather “resolutionary” and does make the appearance of graphics or text very smooth at any size.

The feature never there in any of the previous iPhone 3GS models, is that of multitasking. Yes, it is possible now to listen to your favourite music all day, while browsing the web. Switching between third-party apps has become very fast and expedient. Even draining of battery unnecessarily has been taken care of, and even without slowing down performance.

Video recording HD is possible on the Apple iPhone 4. The support of the iMovie app, which is specially designed for the iPhone, helps in video editing on the go. The iMovie app will be available from the App Store for $4.99. Also backed by the huge collection of the apps from the App Store, or the iTunes for that matter, this device seems rather appealing and innovative. So, what are you waiting for, grab your iPhone 4 now.