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iPhone 4G to end the Era of original iPhone, What Steve Jobs says

iPhone 4G is going to hit the US mobile market somewhere around in June or July this year. iPhone 4G is not a new concept now, almost everybody managed to have a close look at iPhone 4G and iPhone 4.0 OS features. iPhone 4G is coming with some stunning features that no iPhone lover would have expected to get.

Thanks to the iPhone OS 4 which is going to be the OS platform for new iPhone 2010 version, without which some exclusive features wouldn’t have been possible. Everything is fine and perfect with iPhone 4G, but what is the future of original iPhones? Well, the future of original iPhones .i.e. iPhone first and second generations looks so grim!

iPhone 4.0 operating system is the backbone for some great features like multi tasking in iPhone. Original iPhone owners expected they could upgrade their mobiles with new iPhone operating system. But that’s not the case here; you cannot upgrade the operating system of your original iPhones to iPhone OS 4.

This is not my word, not my speculation and nothing of its kind. This word came out from none other than Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs’ mouth. To be precise, from his iPhone! He replied to a mail and said iPhone 2G is not going to get new iPhone 4.O operating system.

Some iPhone user mailed Steve Jobs about this issue. He asked, “Hey Steve! is Apple supporting/updating the iPhone 2G in the Future?” and there is only couple words he got from Steve Jobs, “Sorry, no”.

iPhone 4G already managed to get lot of hype, there have been lots of speculations, reports, analysis, rumors and what not about this gadget. May be the only one officially confirmed news in the whole is issue is Steve Jobs denying an OS update for original iPhone. This is some kind of bad news for iPhone 2G users, as you have to buy this new iPhone if you want to use some extraordinary features in iPhone 4G.

iPhone 4G got the all the required capabilities to kill the original iPhone. With Steve Jobs and CO supporting iPhone 4G, it clearly looks like Apple is going to dump the original iPhones forever! Even the Apple team has lot of hopes on iPhone 4G and the business it can do. So an OS update for older generation iPhones can hit the market of iPhone 4 badly. Finally, Apple want to sell as many iPhone 4G pieces as possible and they have to take every good or bad measure to do it!


Would we be able to get the 4g software updated on the 3gs
Posted by Rob
random guy
That's what this news article is saying here, read the very first line in this news page.
Posted by stacy
iphone 4g
you're talkin like the iphone 4g is already out - it's probably not gonna be out till june 22nd/27th - even an apple employee sort of confirmed it after i mentioned these possible release dates to him and he didn't say anything and just smiled
Posted by random-guy