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iPhone 4G prototype feature and specifications review- the Gizmodo way

After enough of drama that surrounded the iPhone 4G prototype, it’s getting lost by the Apple engineer and subsequent return of the device to Apple, the readers did managed to get a sneak peak into some of the features of this prototype iPhone 4G. Gizmodo, the web site who managed to buy the device from the bar goer at $5,000 did some dissection with the gadget and took it apart. Here is what they found inside it.

One thing that was confirmed by opening it was that the iPhone 4G was a 100% Apple product and APPLE was written at three very prominent places. On a closer scrutiny Gizmodo further revealed the main logic board which was a much larger piece taking about 1/3 of the space. But beyond that, taking a look was even difficult as Apple ensured to keep its secrets, really secret. The board was encased in metal all around and it was difficult to remove it without breaking the device. A thermal paste like metal covered the top of this metal.

It was impossible to find whether the iPhone 4G ran on A4 processor just like iPad. All that was seen was a shiny mirror like back of the screen. If one is not careful enough while taking it apart, one might scratch the face of the device from its back similar to a CD. And lastly, the battery, it was not at all user-removable. You need to open the case to lay your hands on it.

The details that iPhone 4.0 OS prototype possessed were a front facing camera, an improved regular back camera and a camera flash. A Micro-Sim was used instead of a standard Sim just like the iPad and metallic buttons for power, mute and volume. The back of the iPhone was made with either glass or ceramic or shiny plastic and an aluminum border went on the outside. The iPhone 4G screen looked smaller than the 3GS but seems it had a high resolution. The device was heavier to the tune of 3 gms and the internal components were shrunk to make room for larger battery.

The device was running on iPhone 4.0 OS before it was announced according to the person who found it as he could see the 4.0 features but then Apple possibly killed it. The design of this prototype seemed to be different from the earlier ones. This one has a perfect finish with no flushed screen glass against the metal rim, two volume buttons and a more tapered rim with curved surface.

The iPhone 4G prototype is sleeker, flatter and squarer than the earlier ones. The device is sturdier than 3GS and feels really amazing to hold it.