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iPhone 4G or iPhone HD, What Could Be the New iPhone Model Name

iPhone 4G, the fourth generation iPhone will be launched this summer by Apple. iPhone 4G specs, iPhone 4G features and iPhone 4G release date etc are mere speculations till now, but the launch of Apple iPhone 4G is confirmed without any doubts. The new Apple iPhone might be available from July this year for the users.

As we all know it already, Apple has announced an all new OS platform for iPhone 4G which is iPhone operating system 0.4. There is no official news yet from Apple about the details of iPhone 4G, but lot of speculation is still going on about iPhone new version. The name of the new iPhone 2010 version is not yet known, however some reports claim that the name of latest iPhone could be iPhone 4G or iPhone HD.

iPhone HD, the HD concept surprisingly came into the scene when some industry reports hinted iPhone might be released with a HD concept. This means iPhone 2010 model is going to get the bright HD screen. There are good reasons for Apple to pick HD concept for its upcoming iPhone model. HD concept has gained good popularity these days. Whether it is a mobile screen, or a digital camera or something else, the demand for HD has drastically increased.

Also the competitors for Apple iPhone are already there are on the market with HD concept. In fact Apple is slow to get there, but finally looks like Apple is readying a HD screen for new iPhone. Is new iPhone going to be iPhone HD, thus advertizing iPhone on HD concept?

iPhone 4G, this is the most commonly used name for latest version of iPhone. Also this name makes lot of sense. iPhone 4G means for 4th generation iPhone. There is also a confusing angle here; many people might think ‘4G’ as data network. So an iPhone user might think iPhone 4G might support 4G data network. But the new iPhone is not going to support any 4G networks. It’s as usual a 3G mobile in terms of wireless data connection. So Apple might keep this point in mind while picking a model name for iPhone. So far iPhone 4G is the predominantly used name when we talk about latest iPhone 2010 model. Can iPhone 4G be the model name of iPhone latest version?

We have to wait till this summer to find out which name will appear on iPhone 2010 boxes! So far the above two names are sounding good. But Apple might have their own strategies to work on. After all, Apple has to face a lot of competition this season!