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iPhone 4G Vs Apple iPad, Which Would be the Champ Gadget of 2010

Apple iPad and iPhone 4G are two highly anticipated electronic gadgets from Apple which are going to be released in 2010. Apple iPad is already out in the market and did a great business this month. Millions of iPads have been sold till this day in United States.

Apple iPad got huge anticipation from people and it managed to keep up the expectations so far, in terms of sales. The next big thing from Apple is iPhone 4G which is going to be released this June. iPhone 4G release date is rumored to be on 22nd June 2010.

iPhone 4G vs. iPad, there is nothing much in both of them to compare in terms of technology. One is a tablet PC and the other is mobile. But these two killer gadgets from Apple are surely going to stand head to head in sales competition this year. Apple iPad already marked its presence in the market with its huge opening sale. Apple iPhone 4G packing lots of anticipation every day, people are so keen to follow the updates of iPhone 4G. There have been loads of rumors, speculations, views and reviews on iPhone 4G already.

iPhone 4G got much more people’s attention than iPad. Apple iPad too is a much anticipated Apple’s product, but going with the latest developments I have to conclude that iPhone 4G updates are most followed than iPad. The reason is pretty simple; Apple iPhone is every one’s gadget right from a young boy to a senior lady. It’s obvious every iPhone user love to know about the new iPhone 4G. Also people are much closer to a mobile phone than tablet PC. I don’t think there is nothing really ‘hype’ in it when comes to iPhone 4G.

Apple iPad on the other hand is not like iPhone 4G. It falls short somewhere in the competition with iPhone 4G, especially because of some sections of the people. Features wise, iPhone 4G is nowhere near Apple iPad. Though the comparison between Apple iPad and iPhone 4G is not really a great thing to do, but there are some common elements in both to compare. I can say iPad is a hyped gadget, the huge opening sales tell the story. Apple iPad is a great gadget, but the recently exposed network flaws in iPad can be a concern.

Whether it is in sales or in terms of standards and durability, I put my money on iPhone 4G. New iPhone 4G is going to be a sensation and soon iPad’s mammoth first day sale will be a history!


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