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iPhone 4G Saga, Now it is the Cops Turn to Deal with New iPhone

iPhone 4G, is continuously in news these days for every little reason, sometimes even without reasons. New iPhone 4G story was started sometime back when Steve Jobs has officially announced Apple’s new operating system, OS 4.O.

Apple OS 4 confirmation kicked off iPhone 4G season grandly and you can find thousands of articles on iPhone 4G by now. There have been so many twists and turns in the entire episode of iPhone 4G and freshly there is one more.

iPhone 4G pictures were posted by a gadget blog named Gizmodo. Many of you might aware of it already. This created stir and even Apple was forced to react on this. Gizmodo reportedly bought this iPhone 4G prototype from an unknown person for $5000. Apple software engineer, Gray Powell has lost his iPhone 4G prototype somehow in a bar.

A guy picked up the lost phone and asked if someone has lost it. Nobody replied and this guy has taken it back to his home. On removing the cover, he found it it’s not regular 3Gs and he quickly made money out of it by selling it to Gizmodo.

iPhone 4G issue is now in the hands of Police, as CNET cited some strong source regarding the police probe into this lost iPhone 4G issue. According to latest developments, investigators are trying to work out this issue from different angles to file criminal charges. So if you are that guy who sold iPhone 4G to Gizmodo, you might be landing into some serious troubles for sure. As per the words of a senior law person from Los Angeles, Gizmodo will not be in trouble as the journalists cannot be prosecuted for displaying stolen goods or documents.

iPhone 4G story not just ended up in the hands of bloggers and gadget gurus; it even made its way straight to the cops. So Police are going to investigate on this issue. Earlier when Gizmodo returned the lost iPhone 4G to Apple, everybody thought the story has ended here. But that’s not the case, Police is looking into issue and perhaps the guy who sold the iPhone 4G would be in lot of trouble compared to any other in this issue.

Who is going to face the heat from the cops? Is he that person who sold iPhone 4G to Gizmodo? Or is it Gizmodo team for displaying Apple’s product against their privacy? And what about the rumors claiming Apple has planned everything to kill latest mobiles releasing this summer!