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iPhone 4G Saga, A Long Apple Story and its Different Characters

iPhone 4G is one the most discussed topics today around the globe. Earlier it is the technology, features and technical details of iPhone 4G that was talked about. Of late there has been lot of discussion on iPhone 4G controversies and so many off topics about iPhone 4G.

All has started when Steve Jobs has announced a new operating system iPhone OS4 for the next iPhone models. Since then there have been lots of reports and speculations about the iPhone 4G. But things have suddenly changed when a tech blog named Gizmodo has published the pictures and details of iPhone 4G which stirred up a huge controversy.

A quick recap on the important characters involved directly or indirectly in this iPhone 4G controversies.

Steve Jobs: The big man from Apple, initially he is the one who has announced the new operating system iPhone OS4. He remained silent in most of the times, but he directly contacted Gizmodo’s editor Brian Lam asked him to return the lose iPhone 4G prototype.

Gray Powell: Obviously he is the nucleus of this entire controversy. He has lost his iPhone 4G prototype when he was drunk. By the time he realizes about it, it’s already appeared in the internet! Gray Powell is a software engineer from Apple, and he has this Apple iPhone 4G prototype to test things out.

Brian Ham: The editor of Gizmodo tech blog and he is the one who reportedly bought this iPhone 4G prototype from a guy named Brian Hogan. He bought it for $5000. He too is a key man in this entire episode, and this controversy went so far as Apple decided to proceed legally against him.

Jason Chen: A top editor from Gizmodo whose home was searched by the police. On court orders, officers searched Jason Chen’s home and sealed 4 computers and 2 servers according to Gizmodo. This incident has grabbed huge attention from Public and even Apple was criticized by some of the top journalists.

Brian Hogan: One more key character in this Apple tale. He is the one who sold the Gray Powell’s lost iPhone 4G to Gizmodo for $5000. He remained anonymous for long part of this controversy, but in the end his name and details were out as his girl friend tipped off Apple about this incident.

Katherine Martinson: The girl friend and roommate of Brian Hogan who leaked Hogan’s information to Apple. She fears that Apple could track down her PC as Brian Hogan has plugged iPhone 4G to her computer. She told that, she has asked Brian Hogan to return this iPhone 4G to the Apple Engineer!