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iPhone 4G Gizmodo story: how iPhone 4G went missing and returned to Apple

Apple and sensational news have always been close cousins. Steve Jobs couldn’t have asked for more this time. But no, this wasn’t iPad. And this wasn’t iPhone as well. This was the iPhoneGate!

iPhone 4G -- The Story of Lost and Found

Gourmet Haus Staudt is a nice German beer garden in Redwood City, California. He works on the iPhone Base band software, which is the small utility application which helps the iPhone to make calls. On the evening of March 18th, Gary Powell was celebrating his 27th birthday in this niche beer garden by having some rocking German beer. We all probably know how good a German beer is. But alas, Gary “underestimated” it. He forgot the new prototype of iPhone 4G somewhere in the beer bar, and this way, a great revolutionary product was lost.

This prototype iPhone 4G emerged out few weeks later in the technical blog www. gizmodo.com. Apparently, some guy found this lost iPhone, and then sold it to Gawker media (reportedly for $5000), who posted this find of the year in its blog: Gizmodo.com. And the rest is history!

iPhone 4G --  The Return Journey

Before Gizmodo.com posted the pictures of this new discovery, they had a techie dissect the iPhone 4g. Various pictures and description of this new phone was posted on their website. The news spread like hot fire, and Gizmodo.com received close to 20 million hits within the next 24 hours. Apple had to admit that this is indeed the new iPhone 4G and Bruce Sewell who is the Senior Vice President of Apple Inc formally asked the Gizmodo.com and Gawler media to hand over the phone back to them. But, the news had been created by that time, and the return of the iPhone 4G held little significance.

iPhone 4G – What is new?

As Gizmodo.com had called specialists to dissect and investigate the new iPhone, readers all around the globe had a sneak peek into the new features of this hi-tech instrument. It has all the existing configuration of the iPhone 3G. However, some additional features like forward facing camera for video conferencing, enhanced screen resolution, split volume controls, secondary microphone for noise reduction, hard plastic back and bigger and better battery have been incorporated in the new iPhone 4G.

Is this leak real or manipulated?

Apple has had a history of revolutionizing every new update or announcement of its products. However, market analysts believe that Steve does these ‘heroics’ within his own domain of controlled environment. Leaking out to technological blogs isn’t his style of operations. But, again, it is Steve and he is capable of doing anything under the sun. It will take some time to determine the actual story behind this high profile leakage. However, it is assured that both Apple and Gizmodo.com were the beneficiaries of this hot news item.

Quote from Jeff Orr, who is the senior analyst for mobile devices at ABI Research will sum up the situation, “Leaks only serve to benefit the consumer, not the business”.