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iPhone 4G Features Overview, This is What You Can Do with New iPhone!

Apple has announced its new operating system OS 4 for upcoming iPhone 4G which will be the update for current Apple iPhone 3Gs version. The new OS 4.0 is going to be a platform for some great features that you never would have imagined in an iPhone.

iPhone 4G is expected to release this June as per industry reports. It’s still a big question about which Telecom Company is going to come up with iPhone. But many reports have already popped out on many popular internet pages about Verizon Wireless getting iPhone 4G this summer!

iPhone 4G, with its OS 4 operating system is going to make the dream of iPhone multitasking come true. When we talk about 2010 iPhone features, multitasking is going to top the list any day. iPhone multitasking can give an all new life to the iPhone. As we all know the current version of Apple iPhone and the older versions don’t feature multitasking. Multitasking allows you to operate more than one application at once. So with the new iPhone you can browse internet, check mails and even text your friends all at once.

New iPhone is also going to come up with a stunning 100 new features that you don’t see in iPhone before! Another impressive feature of iPhone 4G is OLED screen. Also you are going to create new folders in iPhone to organize your home screen. So you can easily organize your apps easily with this new feature. The new email box lets you check the mails of multiple accounts in one place. iPhone 4G is going to feature a front end camera, means you can video chat right from your iPhone.

iPhone OS 4.0 is going to feature  a great gaming platform. Now you can play your favorite games on iPhone, and unique thing about it is you can play multi player games with your buddies and even can compete on a global gaming leader board. Most importantly, this time you are going to get apps for free on iPhone 4G. The newly developed iAds platform on iPhone OS 4.0 is going to allow iPhone to send out free apps.

iPhone 2010 version is going to change the usage environment of iPhone completely. Unlike before, iPhone 4G can be a powerful VOIP client as you can run apps like Skype on background. GPS, 3G support, 3.2 Mega Pixel camera with built in flash, Removable battery and iChat software are some of the added attractions for  iPhone 4G.