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iPhone 4G Countdown Begins, Finally iPhone 4G Release Date is Now Confirmed

iPhone 4G, the much talked iPhone 4th generation mobile phone looks like is giving an end to the speculations about iPhone 2010 version release date. iPhone 4G is still under lot of discussions, reviews and analysis over its features and release date.

Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs recently announced a new software platform iPhone OS 4 for next generation iPhone, and it raise curtains for lot of iPhone 4G scoop in the internet.

Finally, we are seeing some latest developments in this section, as many strong sources confirmed the official launch of iPhone 4G. iPhone 4G release date will be June 22 2010!

iPhone 4G, as per reports is going to be released from Yerba Buena center on 22nd June 2010, same venue where the iPad had been launched. A Canadian carrier, SaskTel’s CEO Robert Watson hinted that iPhone 4G is going to release this June in a quote. If this news has to be believed, then iPhone 4G is most probably making its way to market on 22nd June 2010. Also this same new iPhone release date is guessed before by many industry analysts. So if everything goes well, 22nd June 2010 would be the official launching date of iPhone 4G.

SaskTel’s CEO Robert Watson said, “The good news is that (Apple) is coming out with a new version of the iPhone in the June time-frame and they’re going to put us on that. So we’re quite excited about that.” So far, there hasn’t been any confirmed official news, but as this news coming out from a industry biggie, it might be true that Apple iPhone 4G launch date is same as mentioned above.

New iPhone 4G has packed a lot of hype against its name already. iPhone lovers can wait no longer to have their hands on this all new featured iPhone 2010 model. iPhone 4G is coming with some extraordinary features, amazing user interface and much developed apps. Features like multitasking, video conference and camera flash are some of the most discussed features about new iPhone 4G.

iPhone 4G also rumored to be making its way through Verizon Wireless. Though there aren’t any strong sources confirming this news, but many people strongly believe iPhone 4G is going to be released by Verizon Wireless. So, is Verizon iPhone 4G release date is going to be 22nd June 2010? Well, many mobile analysts feel it’s true. Let’s hope iPhone 4G come out as soon as possible.