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iPhone 4G Controversy, Apple Fears a Huge Loss in Business

iPhone 4G controversy has earned a lot of popularity both for Gizmodo blog and even the upcoming new iPhone 4G model. The iPhone Gizmodo story never looks like it has an end. There have been numerous twists and turns in the entire episode starting from the loss of iPhone 4G prototype.

Lots of things have been happened since then, including a Steve Jobs appeal to return the iPhone 4G and the search of Gizmodo’s editor’s home. The latest from this iPhone Gizmodo episode is that now Apple fears a huge loss in their business due to Gizmodo! Well, that’s what Apple’s lawyer George Riley has mentioned in his court documents.

iPhone 4G missing prototype can seriously damage the image and the overall earnings of Apple, as per the report of Riley. He mentioned that Gizmodo has portrayed the entire episode in his blog such a way that, he indirectly convinced people not to buy any current Apple products till the release of iPhone 4G.

Riley has submitted a 10 page affidavit to the court explaining all the incidents happened after Gray Powell lost his iPhone 4G at a bar. George Riley didn’t mention the loss for the company in figures, but he said that this issue can affect Apple’s business big time.

Steve Jobs initially was quick to solve this issue, but Gizmodo has played a little more role in this episode, which eventually put them in a legal risk. It’s known that Steve Jobs himself wrote to Gizmodo’s editor to return the lost iPhone 4G Prototype.

Gizmodo’s  editor has published the whole issue including the iPhone 4G pictures and even the Steve Jobs’s formal letter to return the iPhone 4G. This has stirred the entire issue and even the police went on to search the Gizmodo’s editor home and seized some computer equipment.

On the other hand, the girl friend of Hogan has contacted Apple and revealed all the information about Hogan. Hogan is the guy who actually sold the iPhone 4G to Gizmodo’s editor for a sum of $5000. His girl friend was scared of the whole issues, as Hogan plugged the new iPhone 4G to her PC.

She told that she tried to convince Hogan not to sell the lost iPhone 4G to Gizmodo as it can ruin the career of Gray Powell. According to her, Hogan didn’t listen to her and went on to sell it to Gizmodo.


aiphone 5
I am deeply saddened about this news about Aiphone 5, it is such a huge loss. But I guess they would be able to solve this problem as soon as possible.
Posted by Amihan
Apple Fears a Huge Loss in Business
I am not sure if Apple fears a huge loss in business because iPhone 4G Controversy. Well, maybe you are right but I think Apple still the highest.
Posted by Stephanie
iPhone 4G Controversy
iPhone 4G Controversy is not at all true. And the iphone 4G as stated here is called iphone 4 alone, not iphone 4g. Im having awesome time with my iphone4, and there are no problems with this 32gb unit.
Posted by mei
iPhone 4G Controversy, Apple Fears a Huge Loss in Business
i doubt the authenticity of the claims made here for iPhone 4G
Posted by swati
iPhone 4G Controversy
Huge loss to Apple's business due to Gizmodo blog.Dont know how much correct it is.
Posted by Shruti