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iPhone 4G Complete Story, From OS 4 Announcement to Leaked Photos Episode

iPhone 4G, one of the hottest discussed internet topics these days. Over the past couple of weeks there have been innumerable speculations, reports and whatnot about this next big thing from apple. There are so many twists and turns in this entire Apple iPhone 4G episode.

It all started with the iPhone 4G scoop on 8th of April when Steve Jobs has announced the latest operating system OS 4 for iPhone. OS 4 announcement has sent strong signals about the launching of new iPhone 4G. Finally when the iPhone OS 4.0 features are out, it made life simple for gadget gurus to figure out the features of iPhone 4G.

iPhone 4G, the new iPhone 4G’s news became hot from once Steve Jobs announced the new OS 4 platform for next generation iPhone. Steve Jobs revealed the key features of OS 4 like multi tasking, folders and improved mail etc to media.

Steve Jobs has hinted Apple iPhone 4G is coming with the 100 new features. From then there have been so many speculations about iPhone 4G. Some speculated over the camera package of iPhone 4G, some blogged it’s coming with a front end camera, and even some reports claimed iPhone 4G is coming with complete free apps.

iPhone 4G multitasking video was out few days later. It again created some storm in iPhone scoop followers! They were taken by surprise watching iPhone 4G multitasking in live. Later someone found the developers kit of iPhone 4G and revealed many features of iPhone 4G.  The next big news then was video calling of iPhone 4G. Almost the front end camera and iSight webcam were confirmed with these reports. Since then there have been number of features revealed day after day.

iPhone 4G episode took a new turn when a well known gadget blog, Gizmodo published the pictures of iPhone 4G. iPhone 4G prototype pictures rocked not just iPhone users or gadget news followers, but even Apple Inc. Gray Powell, a software engineer from Apple reportedly forgot his mobile at a garden bar in Redwood City.

Some unknown person found this iPhone 4G and enquired the people around him if someone has lost it. None of them claimed that iPhone 4G and he took it home. On removing the case, he found out that it’s not regular iPhone 3Gs that he thought initially. This guy quickly made a decision and kept this iPhone 4G for sale!

Gizmodo and Engadget published the new iPhone 4G pics. Apple has no option left; finally it confirmed the news indirectly when Apple reportedly asked Gizmodo’s Editor Brian Lam to return the iPhone 4G prototype back to the company.


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