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iPhone 4: Retina Display, A sought after feature of the iPhone 4, a review

The latest sensation from the home of Apple, is the iPhone 4, a revolutionary trend-setter in the field of mobile industry. Being accompanied by innovative and interesting features, the iPhone 4 seems to make a good style icon. A proper mix of vogue with technology is what has been achieved through this appealing device. The iPhone 4 has been the first one among other contemporary handsets in a lot of interesting features, one of them being the facet of Retina Display.

The Retina Display feature of the iPhone 4 seems to be a proper blend of innovation with technology. Claimed to be the “sharpest, most-vibrant, highest resolution phone screen ever” by Apple, the Retina Display feature of the iPhone 4 provides detailed display of text, images, graphics, at any size. This seems quite innovative, as many other contemporary handsets do not provide clear detailed display at the zoomed-in sizes.

There is even a proper reason for the above made claim, and the reason being that the pixel density provided by the Retina Display facet of the iPhone 4 is very high, and individual pixel differentiation is not possible by the human eye, at any size of the image. This is quite a novel feature, and seems to be perfect for the purposes of reading text especially.

In a 3.5 inch (diagonal) screen of the iPhone 4, the pixels packed into the display screen is said to be four times of the pixels packed in the earlier versions of the iPhones. This shall provide quite a huge difference in the experience of viewing images or texts. The pixel density of 326 pixels per inch, makes the viewing continuous at any size of graphics.

The phone 4 Retina Display makes use of the “IPS”- in plane switching, which means that the screen will be able to achieve a wider viewing angle at any position of holding the iPhone 4. Also offering four times better contrast ratio, the Retina Display of the iPhone 4 provides a much better picture quality than the previous versions, brighter whites and darker blacks. Quite impressive!

Even the Retina Display glass is chemically strengthened for scratch resistance and durability. With ambient light sensor and LED backlighting, this facet seems to be quite inspiring, and worth the try!


iPhone 4: Retina Display, A sought after feature of the iPhone 4, a review
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