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iPhone 4.0 OS: Features, Specs and Review from Experts over this new Gadget

The launch of iPad is over. All the hype surrounding it has cooled down and as per the reports the hype over iPad has been much lesser than the initial launch of iPhone. So now that has cooled off almost the technical giant has come up with a new gadget and this time too it has managed to capture the public fancy.

Apple launched the iPhone OS 4.0 on Thursday. This version is expected to be quite different from other OS versions of the iPhone.

Both the iPhone and iPad touch are a type of pocket computers. The iPad has a large screen and is quite different from that of the iPhone or the iPad. As a media consumption device the iPad is considered to be the best till date; nonetheless it has not received as enthusiastic a response as was expected.

Now with the launch of the iPhone OS 4.0 it has to be seen what affect it would bring on the different types of devices. Both the iPhone and the iPad have multi tasking facilities. It is expected that with the launch of the iPhone OS 4.0 by Apple, it would facilitate third party multitasking. Apart from that, it is also heard that the OS would include a special feature that would show the users all the opened programs at a glance on the device. This for sure is to be appreciated by a large base of consumers.

It is also expected that the battery life of the iPhone OS 4.0 has been improved to such an extent that it would easily enable the multi tasking and in turn would preserve the battery life. Through the launch of the iPhone OS 4.0, Apple has perhaps given the user to open two apps at the same time. For tech savvy gadget lovers this would for sure come as a great benefit.

The iSight camera allowed by the iPhone OS 4.0 would also be a great option for all the users. So how this device performs remains to be seen; nonetheless it still has managed to retain a significant presence in the market.


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