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iPhone 4.0 Game centre feature: invite friend to pair and play against live

Apple Inc is not only creating new line of gadgets, but also adding new dimensions to the various modules of these gadgets. With the launch of iPhone 4.0, Apple has taken standards in gaming modules to new heights with its Gaming center application.

The iPhone 4.0 Gaming center is having collection of more than 50,000 games to choose from, friends to invite to play games and leader-board making it one of the best gaming option in the industry. The video game feature not only offers huge variety of games to choose from its library, but also makes more interesting by playing with others.

The important features of the iPhone 4.0 Game centre are achievements, Leaderboards, playing with friend, inviting friends, automatic matchmaking etc. With these iPhone 4.0 is set for a big challenge for Xbox of Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony PlayStation Network. Also Game center in iPhone 4.0 will offer hot competition to online gaming portals. Though the competitors are referring to old pattern of iPhone game users who didn't spent much time on gaming options, iPhone 4.0 is all set to rewrite its past.

On iPhone 4.0 Game centre are achievements users can find scores or achievements of all playing members. On leaderboard they can share share the score of top players. Also with invite friend option, users can pair with someone and also play against someone.

Apple launched with much fanfare and in much hyped style, the fourth generation Apple iPhone 4.0. The  much awaited iPhone 4.0 has 100 features with some are improvement over earlier iPhone 3.0 and some are totally new features. The most notable features of iPhone 4.0 are 7 wonderful features. Among these 7 top features, the Gaming center has created lot of interest among game lovers across the World.

iPhone 4.0 features Game center is more than a gaming option. Users can play in teams against their friends making it practically a social gaming center. This is after knowing the fact users need more than games and adding social angle makes its more interesting. It makes the user to explore more and more and at the same time helps to create more and more users for the game and hence iPhone 4.0.


u inviting a friend to play a game on games
u inviting a friend to play a game on games
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