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iPad 2 vs. Xoom vs. Galaxy Tab vs. Playbook: price and weight comparison

iPad 2 vs. Xoom vs. Galaxy Tab vs. Playbook: price

Apple iPad 2 Table tvs. Motorola XoomTablet vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab vs. RIM BlackBerry Playbook Tablet: price and weight comparison: The iPad 2 unveiled by Steve Jobs on March 2 comes with several improvements over the original iPad much to the satisfaction of ardent iPad fans eagerly awaiting for them.

But one thing that Steve Jobs kept intact in this second generation iPad was the price which is the same as its predecessor making it difficult for the rival tablet makers to beat it or even match it for that matter.

The other close competitors for the magnificent tablet are Samsung Galaxy Tab, RIM’s Playbook and recently launched Motorola Droid Xoom that made its debut at the CES. But none seems to beat the iPad 2 price that starts at $499, the same as the original iPad launched in April last year.

If we compare the 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab against the 9.7-inch iPad2 price wise, Apple’s iPad 2 is definitely the show stealer. Although Samsung is up for a 10.1-inch Tab release very soon (price of which is still under wraps) but till then Galaxy Tab’s (with 7-inch display) $549 price without a contract for a cellular service is too high. Similarly the price of Android powered (with the latest iteration of Honeycomb) Motorola Droid Xoom is much higher at $800 in the US without a two year contract with a wireless carrier. Agreed that Droid Xoom is a 10-inch tablet with dual core processor and two cameras, but still the price is roughly $70 higher than the iPad2’s equivalent 32GB version that comes with both Wi-Fi and 3G.

RIM’s Playbook is also another iPad 2 rival in the market. The 7-inch tablet is still not released and there is no official word from the makers regarding its release date and pricing but analysts believe that the Playbook will be priced around $500 for 32GB version which makes it at par with iPad2 (ignoring the screen size).

A quick feature comparison places Samsung Galaxy Tab over other tablets when it comes to the weight of the device. The upcoming 10.1-inch Tab will be a 1.32 pounds tablet that weighs less than the iPad2. Xoom that is seen as the first iPad2 killer weighs same as the iPad 2 but its high entry price will drive tablet customers to other brands. RIM’s Playbook comes with a 7-inch screen which sounds too obsolete in times when we are talking about 9.7 or 10-inch tablets although it weighs just 0.88 pounds.

There are many factors that will decide your tablet choice; price, display size, operating system and weight. What’s your pick? 


iPad 2 vs. Xoom vs. Galaxy Tab vs. Playbook
awesome comparison ,iPad 2 vs. Xoom vs. Galaxy Tab vs. Playbook ,is done with sound information about all three.
Posted by roopa kalia
i must say i love ipad. The fact is it is really famous. Actually i had to choose one from ipad or samsung. I choose ipad.Y?? youths love it. Just think how it look you with a ipad among your friends...then u all will agree with me..
Posted by Arosh
iPad 2
Apple has a very huge following and just on its popularity itself, I believe the ipad2 will hands down win in this competition. And let's not forget the accessibility of the apps and the selections compared to other tablets.
Posted by Ashley H.
Ipad or samsung? It's a toss up
As a former phone-tech, I donít think Iíd ever own a RIM. Iíve seen one too many problems. Iíd really be torn between the Ipad and the Samsung. The Ipad is less expensive, but Samsungs are famous for their durability. Ipads? Not so much.
Posted by Nikki
iPad 2 vs. Xoom vs. Galaxy Tab vs. Playbook: price and weight comparis
Awesome and great comparison but i rather choose the ipad because it easy to use,handy and keep on updating
Posted by valerie