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iOS4 upgrade release date June 21, with 100 new features for the iPhone 3GS

The iPhone 4 is all set to revitalize the smart phone market this Thursday, thus the upgrade of the OS to iOS4 is a sought after software for all Apple device owners. The upgrade will be available on June 21 and it promises 100 new features for the iPhone 3GS owners.

The preorders are in and the device is ready to go into the market on Thursday in these circumstances it become pretty important to talk about the features that the new iOS4 will be providing these include Multitasking as one very special one the user shall now be able to run more than one app simultaneously on his iPhone rather than only one app at a time in the previous versions of the OS.

It also lets you take control of the growing inventory of apps by organizing them into folders. The new news may prove to be bad news for some of the old iPhone users because some of the most touted features of the iPhone4 may not be available only through the OS upgrade.

Some features unavailable on the 2008 make 3G are Multitasking and support for Bluetooth keyboard.  Multitasking won’t even work with the second-generation iPod Touch, released in 2008. And the biggest of them all- the hard-to-get iPad touch-screen tablet computer doesn't get the iOS 4 update at all until later this year?

One important point to note here is the hurry with which the new upgrade has been released. It seems that the upgrade was being developed before even the phone was being developed. Noe the question arises that if Apple was developing the update from such a long time then why could it not develop the upgrades for the previously existing model well.

If we listen to the technology pundits most of them are of the opinion that -"Apple is a smart company and wants to make a lot of money, this is how it forces people to buy the latest products" However the mere lack of hardware support can also be a distinct possibility.